Easy Vintage Photo Board With Reclaimed Wood

A little while ago I was struggling to come up with an idea for a interesting way to hang pictures on the wall that wasn’t a picture frame but that still added to the decor of the house. I had a bunch of old wood lying around the house so I figured I would try and create a unique type of art / picture holder for the living room. What I came up with is the below adventure board. What follows is the steps to I took to make it


  • Couple old pieces of wood
  • Saw
  • Small clothes clips
  • Stencils for your word (I used a Cricut)
  • Stain
  • Hanging brackets
  • Wood Glue
  • Pictures


Step 1

Layout the boards and decide on how big you would like the finished product to be. I chose around 3 feet for the size and it worked great as I was able to fit about 5 pictures on each one.

Step 2

Cut the wood. I used a normal miter saw for this and the cuts were easy to make straight.

Step 3

Sand the wood lightly to clean up and get rid of the dust.

Step 4

Stain the wood with your desired color. I was lucky to have old fencing wood that was perfectly old, dirty, and the right color. My favorite stain though Minwax, Dark walnut.

Step 5

Measure and space where you want you pictures to hang. Glue on the clothes pins.

Step 6

Make your stencil. Either from the computer, a Cricut like I did. Whatever you have available.

Step 7

Placet the stencil words onto the newly stained wood and paint them on. Use s light coat of paint to make distressing easier. Let this dry then sand again to make the words look more vintage.

completely Step 8

Add the picture hanging devices to the back of the board then measure and mark the wall for where the screws will go. I was not to worried about hitting studs as the wood planks themselves are not heavy, but I recommend using a level to make sure the wood is aligned straight.

Step 9

Hang up the wood and add your pictures.

There you have it. An easy project that really makes your house look unique. My husband was really excited to have this place to hang his photography and I was really excited to be able to have something that matched the décor of the house. Please let me know what you thought and if you have additional ideas for me in the comments.


  1. [...] While the three ideas above were for specific types of wood, the possibilities for old and worn pieces of wood are endless. Every time I see someone taking out an old weathered fence, I know that I must ask them for that wood. You can use it for art on the walls, build tables with it, make a raised plant garden, etc. My current personal favorite is the little adventure board (above) I created with five pieces of wood and some cheap clothes hangers. It was a really easy project, but everyone that comes over talks about how fun it is to see our catalog of adventures. A pretty unique creation from some left over fencing wood from the neighbor, there is a guide on how to make it here. [...]

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